The Digital Government Foundation is a group of industry partners dedicated to realizing efficiencies in the federal government by increasing the adoption of digital publishing and eliminating the use of paperwork both for its internal workforce and services to its citizens.

Goals of the Digital Government Foundation:

• Achieve greater efficiency, accessibility, and security in the federal provision of information by moving to a digital-first publishing policy;

• Align digital document publishing with current federal mobile workforce enterprise solutions which seek greater flexibility for internal document manipulation, team collaboration, and access to official information;

• Create a publishing environment that fosters secure and flexible solutions to accommodate the “bring your own device” business norms that are confronting the federal work environment;

• Enable government systems to issue updates and corrections to official data and documents that have already been published to the public, while also providing the public with instant access, presentation control, and comprehension of this information;

• Encourage the federal government to provide published content in a manner that is easily accessible to the public through widely available commercial devices and systems.